Thursday, October 28, 2010

Marni on Gilt

There's a Marni sale on Gilt right now, mostly of clothing & accessories from the Fall 2007 & 2008 collections at about 55% off.  This is the 4th Marni sale since Gilt started featuring Marni about a year ago.

photo courtesy of Gilt Groupe

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Elle Italia - Sept 2010

Barneys catalog - Fall 2010

Speaking of the Marni outlet...

This New York Times article from March 2010 pretty much sums up the experience of making the trip to the outlet:

"Laura and I — and thousands of other women just like us — are members of another powerful cult, one that worships the oddly charming Italian clothes, sort of a cross between Raggedy Ann on a bender and Sophia Loren in “Two Women,” that bear the Marni label."

Photo courtesy of the NYTimes

Visiting the Marni Outlet, Palm Springs/LA

Last February, I visited the newly opened Marni outlet at Desert Hills, in Cabazon, about a 45-minute drive from LA.  (It's now one of 3 Marni outlets in the U.S. - the other two are in Orlando and NY).

At the time, they were carrying items from the Fall 2008 and Fall 2006 seasons, & had clothing, shoes, & accessories from the women's, men's, & children's collections.  From what the salespeople said, their store carries the in-season collection from the previous year, plus an older collection - & items ranged from 50% to 70% off. 

It felt like a veritable candy store for any diehard Marni fan, & I spent several blissful hours there trying on stuff.

Here are some of the things I tried on:

Since my visit there, I've also placed several orders over email & phone.  They're totally willing to suggest items & send photos over email, & have generally been very pleasant & helpful - I'd definitely recommend contacting Melanie there if you're trying to find an item from a previous season.